The Saturn 62 iM standard features include the HOLLAND NoLube™ Lubrication Tube, which surrounds the elevating screw, eliminating the need to manually grease the elevating screw. Black Armour® metal treatment provides corrosion protection with rust creep prevention. A robust 10-bolt formed mounting plate keeps the leg square and securely attached to the trailer. 80-ksi steel leg tube material provides the industry’s highest strength and lightest weight tube housing for robust performance.

The Saturn 62 iM also comes standard with a removable cushion foot. A rubber cushion under the lower leg protects the landing leg and internal mechanisms from impact shock from repetitive container loading. In addition, the Saturn 62 iM has a completely internal gear train, which is forged and precision machined for smooth cranking, to meet the demanding needs of intermodal operations. Internal gearing helps to protect the landing gear when stacking or transporting multiple chassis trailers together. And, when the chassis trailer is stored or transported upside-down, the landing gear won’t leak because it is equipped with double-lipped shaft seals, designed to keep contaminants out and grease in. The robust cast steel cap includes a premium gasket seal instead of vulnerable silicone sealant.

The new Saturn 62 iM incorporates the exclusive HOLLAND FloatingNut™ feature with a reinforced twin-bulkhead design for added strength.

When the legs are fully extended and under excessive side load forces, the FloatingNut moves freely with the elevating screw to prevent damage from occurring, and the twin-bulkhead design feature increases structural resistance to the side-load forces. When excessive side-load forces occur, the FloatingNut helps protect the elevating screw to maintain smooth cranking performance